Wednesday, May 31, 2006

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Fashion, Is It Still Fashionable?
What’s the skinny on fashion these days? And anyway, what really is fashion? Is it what happens to be in style this season? Is it the short skirts, the hip boots, or the funny little hats? Let’s take off the fake, and look at what fashion really means to most people.
Fashion is as judgmental as our list of desired characteristics in a mate. What one person purports to be the most necessary piece in the wardrobe, might not be deemed worthy for a foot rug by another. Fashion is one of the most fickle friends a girl (or guy) can have. It comes, it goes, sometimes we fit, and sometimes we just want to hide.
Fashion, as defined by Webster’s dictionary, is “the popular or up-to-date way of dressing, speaking or behaving”. Well, if that’s the case, there are times I want no part of fashion. I believe fashion goes much deeper than that simple statement. I think fashion encompasses more of our personality, our likes or dislikes, and when done “fashionably” reflects a lot about the kind of person we are.
Every year, we see fashion dos and don’ts. We watch them come and we watch them go. And then, every fifty years or so, we watch them swing back around for one more tromp down the fashion runway. Here’s the really funny part: There is always someone you know, that just happens to have retained an “original” piece from the first pass.
The most noticeable thing about current fashion “faus paux” (thought I’d throw that “fashionable” word in, just for good measure) is that any color is acceptable against any other color. No longer do we worry about wearing reds with pinks, or light green against dark green.

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