Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fashion comments

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Fashion comments


netomel-fashion said...

Here some of the comments about our feature jeans:

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Originally Posted by eightyeightkeys
I'm not sure what my inseam is, but I know that a lot of jeans that are supposed to be pretty long barely get past my ankle, which isn't so attractive when you're wearing socks (especially if I bend my legs or something...) And really, it's nothing to envy over or whatever. I'm 5'8" and (don't hurt me) 90 pounds---and it is completely not by choice, so before anyone assumes anything, I'm not anorexic. My legs are so freakishly long and tiny that people stare sometimes. A lot of times, actually. So yeah.... thanks for the reference! I've never heard of Hudson's supermodel jeans, but I'll check 'em out... Thanks!
that was me in high school; a couple inches shorter, but I didn't break into triple digits until college...no matter what or how much I ate. I was always picked on for being so bony; hid in stalls to change for gym class, so jealous of the girls who had curves...I look back at the baggy jeans and oversized flannels I hid under then, wish I had had ANY fashion sense back then!

I found the jeans today: plastic by gly, size 9. Not only do they fit around a dropped waist, but they're totally long enough, and make my but look tiny!!! Go Jasmine Sola!




netomel-fashion said...

More exciting comments on customers wearing plastic jeans:

"Good morning. I was recently in California and picked up a pair of Plastic By Gly jeans and they have since become my favorite pair of jeans. I live on the East Coast and can not find them anywhere and am having a difficult time finding them on the internet. I came across your site and noticed that you have them, but I was wondering if you had any in a size 3 and if so, which kind (ie. pockets). Any help would be greatly appreciated!


C.BR "