Monday, March 05, 2007

Plastic jeans amazed users

Comment about us and our products:

"I would like some information about Plastic by Gly, I live In Vancouver and we only have one store that sell the brand. They are the bestest jeans I have ever owned! The store that does sell them, is running out of shipment ... the only thing I see on your site is ( which is a fantastic site, by the way ) the details of what the jean looks like. If you have time please let me know as much information about Plastic By GLY. Just curious what made your company decide to sell them? Im sorry, Just obsessed! I own at least four pair and they fit like a glove on me. They are very flattering on and I actually have had people stop me, and ask where do I buy my jeans. SO great for you for selling the greatest jeans ever and I hope your site lives long and prosper! Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you

As a Response to our feedback.

That's fantastic! I'm just the biggest fan of the jeans and not interested in selling. Thank-you so much for getting back to me. I am interested in ordering them, I am also worried of ordering anything from the states. For GLY I think I will take the chance. Could you let me know of the newest style that came out. One of my two pairs that I absolutely love, have i think only 5 percent stretch in them and the back pocket is flapped with embroidery on it. Also as i mentioned when i was on the internet, investigating them I came across a blog. This person actually said that they were just the cheapest copy catting of True Religion. I've never owned a pair and yes sure they so look great, but i was more disturbed that the blogger dished the manufacturer of GLY. I'm a real country bunp-kin that lives about an hour away from Vancouver. The stores that sell GLY ... actually have Plastic by GLY name wrong they advertise it as Plastic BY FLY. Out of curiosity has Coolfashions company been in out a long time? A really weird question which I've always wanted to know, do the employees work from home? Or are you In this big huge wharehouse with boxes and boxes of all these fabulous clothes? Also where abouts is your company in the States? I live an Hour away from Bellingham, from Bellingham to Seattle is about two hours. OH OH! by the way If I am e-mailing a woman and you don't own a pair, definitely you'll thank me.

Thanks a bunch for getting back to me, Have a great day!




bebeicy said...

Where is the store in Vancouver that sells Plastic by Gly jeans?? I don't live in Vancouver but I usually go there every year in the summer and would be really interested in buying some more of these jeans. I have tried looking for Plastics at Nordstrom but didn't have much luck.

Jen said...

These are the best jeans I ever wore too!
I can't find anything about the company. I did find a pair on Ebay. That's my luck so far.